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From MySQL to a fully-working responsive HTML backoffice in 30 seconds! Focus on the website, let ABO handle the backoffice creation, automatically!



You can use the free version in a commercial environment without the need to buy a license!

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30 seconds from the download to a working version on your server!

  1. Unzip the file on your server (same level as index.php)
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Configuration, enter DB name/password and save
  4. Click on Tables Config, click on View/Add/Edit and save
  5. DONE! Go to and use it!


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Full tutorial

From a brand new installation learn how:

  1. Customize logos, footer, PDF documentation
  2. Use a table to handle users/passwords
  3. Handle image upload/resize
  4. Link fields to different tables
  5. Correctly handle parent/child tables


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Like all the software, ABO contains known issues. But rest assured! We are working around the clock to fix them!

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