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Compatibility with PHP 8

  • READ THIS if you want to see the improvements in "real English" :) New PDF documentation for this version PDF document
  • SERVER: when editmode is textarea, you can specify row/col in the "editaux" field.
  • CLIENT: Company logo is horizontally centered on the top of the leftbar
  • CLIENT/SERVER: in case of enum, you can specify "print friendly" names to show to the final user, and they can select those too
  • SERVER: new option in the default. You can choose to actually DELETE the file from the server instead of simply emptying the DB field when erasing a file/picture
  • SERVER/CLIENT: When resizing a JPG, you can choose the default JPG compression
  • SERVER/CLIENT: When upload a file, you can optionally use "width" to specify the maximum size of the upload
  • FIXED CLIENT: In some UTF8 languages, if the field was longer than the default "n" chars, the beginning of the text was not printed
  • FIXED CLIENT: Excel Export, fixed some specific cases with UTF8 characters
  • FIXED CLIENT: If there is a max number of item set in the server, you could still clone one more than the max. Now, if you are already at the max, you cannot clone anymore
  • FIXED CLIENT: Removing a file after upload didn't work all the times



Color Picker, Multiuser with different items

  • READ THIS if you want to see the improvements in "real English" :) New PDF documentation for this version PDF document
  • SERVER: add a default flag SHOW ALSO UNKNOWN FILES 'from server' if the file is not an image
  • CLIENT: do not show unknown files in "from server" according to the configuration
  • CLIENT: if forced name, DELETE the old file if it exists
  • CLIENT: when forcing file name for pics, Firefox WILL NOT refresh it. Ok Chrome/Edge
  • CLIENT: picture upload, if it's smaller with forced width/height, LET YOU UPLOAD IT, AND PROPERLY RESIZE/CROP IT
  • SERVER: added default "replace <p> with <br>"
  • SERVER: added default "Let user download image from the server"
  • CLIENT: in "image from server", added date/time of the file
  • CLIENT: in "image from server", button to download the picture IF configured in default
  • CLIENT: if view=='file' then print the whole filename in view
  • CLIENT: if View_Aux1=='download' when edit is 'file', then the user can also download the file back
  • CLIENT: added previous file info when upload
  • CLIENT: removed folders when browsing for pics already on the server
  • CLIENT: removed "from server" when uploading a file
  • CLIENT: added a printout to confirm a file has been uploaded (if a picture is uploaded, it will be shown as refreshed)
  • SERVER: can FORCE a name of a file for upload (pic or file)
  • CLIENT: force img to be reloaded if the same time to avoid cache (img.src = img.src)
  • SERVER/CLIENT added View/Edit as "color_picker"
  • SERVER/CLIENT added View as "image-custom"
  • SERVER/CLIENT print N chars
  • SERVER/CLIENT added default n char for default text
  • SERVER updated the generated doc
  • CLIENT edit all in view single field
  • CLIENT Max elements should be IF MULTIUSER, only for that user
  • FIXED CLIENT in case of multiuser, total number of records in the navigator didn't filter by user
  • FIXED CLIENT in some cases, when deleting a row, it was not updating the screen properly (it was only a refresh problem but it didn't look nice)



Multi User Management and much more!

  • DOC: New PDF documentation for this version PDF document
  • SERVER: in DB settings, select the time zone and the unix port of the DB
  • SERVER: can add a fixed filter for each table (e.g. display only the records with id>10)
  • ALL: MultiUser: a table can have a linked link to the login table so each user will see/add/edit only its own records
  • ALL: User lever: if the user doesn't have enough privileges, he/she cannot view/edit a table
  • ALL: Max number of insertable rows configurable for each table
  • CLIENT: When uploading a PDF as an image, it can be automatically converted to JPG
  • SERVER: sort order for both the tables and ALL the fields a table so you can decide how the final user will see them
  • CLIENT: REGEX search
  • SERVER: One-click to make a field Read Only or Writable
  • CLIENT: Huge speed optimization when viewing a single row with a lot of fields
  • CLIENT: Copy a row to the clipboard
  • SERVER: Select TAB or comma when copying a row to the clipboard



Custom User Pages

  • DOC: New PDF documentation for this version PDF document
  • ALL: Implemented custom PHP pages
  • ALL: Improved PHP 8 compatibility (<? to <?php)
  • CLIENT: Implemented sorting columns
  • CLIENT: Can remove STRICT MODE directly from ABO to avoid issues with NOT NULL fields with no defaults
  • CLIENT: Huge speed optimization with a lot of columns on shared hosting
  • CLIENT: Removed unused summernote
  • SERVER: All config files are chmod to 640 to hide them automatically



Code Clean-up in preparation of 2.3.0

  • Improved automatic documentation generator VIDEO
  • Added login from table VIDEO
  • Shortcut for hiding primary key VIDEO



Better graphic performance and customization

  • Added favico and login for client VIDEO
  • Pick an image already on the server during upload VIDEO
  • Specify Minimum Size for upload, customizable for each field
  • Speed optimization regarding the upload/resize of the pictures



Added support for ALL MySQL types

  • Automatic Documentation Generator
  • GEOMTRY types
  • BLOBs (in base 64)
  • SET (not complete, acts as an ENUM with the possibility of not selecting anything)



Rebuilt everything using AdminLTE

Using this beautiful open source theme, we rewrote ABO from scratch

  • Fully responsive
  • Added HTML editor
  • Added DateTimePicker



Upload and linked tables

Added the much-needed opportunity to upload pictures in specific folders, and links to tables



Initial Release

We started using this release as an internal tool for the websites we developed for our customers